Thursday, September 27, 2012


For this project i was asked to retouch the face of this girl. this included removing freckles and blemishes, softening skin, editing the eyes (i used the dodge, burn, sharpening and liquify tools and edited the color of them) i brought her cheeks in, and pouted her lips a little and curved them to add a little of a smile.  i brought her eyebrows down to look less surprized and made the hair more wavy. then i adjusted the levels, and for te final touch i made the skin look lighter and softer. under this is the before picture.

Monday, September 24, 2012

walk cycle

the walk cycle for this pirate was a lot more dificult than i thought. after many many different tries i finally got it to kind of work. It was challanging doing the full cycle in only 4 frames, but i learned lots of usefull techniques that i can't wait to use some more.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Going into this project I was slightly apprehensive about merging two animals into one through photoshop.  I chose two things that are usually grouped together "Cats and Dogs". For the cat, I took a panther and used the body. I then took a pug and took its head and sized it to fit the panthers body. I had to mess with the colors for a while to get the shades of black and the highlights the same shades. I did this mainly through the color replacement tool. After that i used the warp took to make the head facing the right direction, and so it would be facing the same way as its new body. After that i smoothed in the edges using the clone, dodge, burn and eraser tools, until it looked smooth and beautiful!


In photoshop, we got to make different shapes and learn how to use the gradiant tool

Thursday, September 6, 2012



Today we were asked to colorize a different picture, so i took one of a dancer but instead of drawing the colors in the background i took several pictures and blurred the colors together. After i was done with that i used a brush to erase some of the black surrounding the dancer to give it a more texturized border.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


For this project we were asked to take and animal and put different textures and patterns on to it. It was difficult, yet fun to warp the lace texture to fit the different shapes waves of the of the tentacles.

The eagle was a lot more fun to do. I used a texture that was on one of my favorite album covers, and warped it to fit the curve of the wing. The coors seemed to work nicely together and i am very happy with the overall look of it.