Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nothing like the flower

This project was inspired by the band called "The Love language" i sat down and listened to all 3 of their albums and this is what came out.
I took the little folder that my senior portraits came in, and decorated it with flowers, and hands and hand flowers.
I used pen ink, and water color 

beneath the cubists surface

For this project my main insperation was me trying to disect how a cubists mind worked. I figured that cubists take away the flowing soft forms of objects and replacing it with sharp shapes and angles. So i created that process of taking away soft, for sharp.
I started this project as just a simple water color, but when i began to paint one of the hands i mess up very bad. So natrually i cut every thing up into sperate peices. Then i glued the peices onto foam board and began to layer them, but it looked to crowded.
So I built a box, then drapped fabric around the sides to create a stage like feel to it. The first picture shows the colors better, but the second picture shows the depth of the box, and is a more high quality picture

The bundle recieved its name from inferior muscles

This was a pretty quick project. The idea came to me when I was working on my "go big or go home" project, because after each class period I would always find myself covered in paint. Then as i began to learn more and more about lighting and color i wondered how far i could take it. So i had the idea of "what if i painted a hand, on a hand" and messed around with the colors, textures, highlights and lowlights. This was a fun project, and painting on human skin was a very weird experience. 

Gemini near its orgin

One weekend I was watching a documentary on siamese twins, and became fasinated. I started sketching some ideas on how i could properly show the distortion of the human body, through siamese twins.

Then after i found a sketch that I liked, i outlined it on a wood plank, and began painting

Then i forgot to take pictures for a while, but i added in the chest and shirt

I learned how to forshorten in this peice, and that was something that was always so scary to me, but with Mrs. Rossie's help, i was able to understand more how to show lights and darks to represent different distences.
I also learned a lot about color, how to use colors that compliment each other, and how IMPORTANT LIGHTING IS. i still don't really understand lighting... but im getting there.

I also used a dremel tool to carv out the eyes and mouths to give the painting depth. 
 I loved working on this piece and I leanred a lot about how to work with new matirials (painting on wood) and how to really step out of my comfort zone (i.e GO BIG OR GO HOME) or whatever.