Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cat Fancy

Overall i think this peice was very successful.  I was able to keep the colors generally the same and stick to a fount theme as well. What didn't work as well was trying tyo fit all the words in one area, it looks a little crouded. what did work was the over all look of the peice. the most difficult part of this was making it look exciting.  The original magezine "Cat Fancy" is very boring and generic looking and it was dificult to make it look fun and interesting.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aaron bravo


For this project we were asked to take a celeberty and make them look like a cartoon character. So naturally i chose Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, and made him look like Johnny Bravo.  I started off by making him look more muscular.  Then i burned and dodged his arms to make him look mors muscular. Then i made his jaw more square, and added sunglasses. The real challange was the hair. i used the liquify tool to make his hair flair out, then smudged it to make it look shiny and more natural. to color it i had to use several layers to change it from dirty blond to a lighter yellow.  Then i yellowed his skin and added a few finnishing touches~

Monday, October 1, 2012


When working on this peice, I noticed the skin is especially difficult to change, however the eyes where especially easy. After dodging and burning the eyes multiple times, then changing their color to a more grayish blue i then went to liquify and made them slightly bigger. i also made the lips more pouty and curved her smile a little.  then i made her hair flip out a little more, before changing the overall color to a more brighter orange.  Then i matteded the shine on her skin and blurred it. After all this was done i changed the levels to make the picture look brighter in general.