Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Just below the two bones (which is not the most comfortable).

 As i begin to explore the idea of the "anatomy of art" i discovered that art is inside us all. Whether we express this art through sports, music, painting, collecting, creating, or even through destroying, they are all forms of expressing a feeling that is already inside you.

I started this project with a collage of mixing different figures i found from a science book, and anatomy sketches from the book "Grey's anatomy"


The collage was looking very strong, so i put a piece of plastic laminate over it to calm it down, and then used mounting pads to put on a diagram of a heart, with a drawing of a black sheep man on it. i wrote the words "already inside you" on a banner that borders the heart.

heres a close up of the black sheep

In my first attempt to mount the laminate i realized that it wasn't going to work as i had originally planned. So i had to fix the layering of my piece by taking away some of the mounts.

Although in my plan this was all i wanted to do, i realized that this wasn't done yet. I wasn't exactly sure how to fix it, so i decided to "frame" the piece by layering different characters, and by flowing a banner throughout the piece, and having it go through the heart. 


And here is the final: 

Friday, September 20, 2013

upward, to be inserted, will draw the angle of the mouth directly backward.

Teeth have always been very scary to me. When i was six years old i broke my jaw, and i have been in and out of different sergeries, root cannals and other oral operations ever since.  These opperations scare me, and cause me to look at the mouth in a very different way.  Teeth, Jaws and bones are scary. As i started to realize the creepy nature teeth, i began to understand that almost everything in our mouths is scary. Our gums, our toung, all the glands, artiries, and veins all are freaky.

As i sat down to draw one day, the haunting images of teeth and mouths wouldn't seem to leave my head.  So as i started to sketch out my first ideas of this peice, i wanted everyone else to SEE mouth anatomy for what it is. Creepy.  


When i finished the water color i was so proud of this peice and thought that there was nothing else i could do to improve it. Until i showed the art teachers, and they explained i needed to make it pop more. I didn't understand what they ment by "pop"or "value" or "katelynn stop being so afraid of the dark"

So i darkened it up more.

And added a green background. 

the outline of the formation of various folds or wrinkles.

Over the summer, i was privileged to go on a trip to Europe, and spend a month in Italy. While I was there I was able to see, learn and experience countless peices of the most beautiful art i have ever seen. I would stand infront of these sculptures and paintings and feel so small, so humble, and so astounded at the skill these artists had.  Then as i began to learn more and more about the artists, leaders, and people who lived in these ancient lands i became inspired.  People are all connected. It is a connection that knows no distance, no limits, and no time period.  Many of the people on the other side of the world, born thousands of years before us still faced many of the same struggles and temptations that we are challenged by today. Popes still where tempted by greed, Brothers still fought, and people where still people.

With this new found knowledge and love for the human race, I had this picture in my head of these white outlined figures all stacked ontop of eachother, with a copper wash as the negative space. Then i was planning on clumping yarn over their heads, and placing dried flowers ontop of the yarn. However as i began to mix paints i accidentaly created a brownish-greenish-orange, and fell in love with the color.  I began to paint the negative space in globs of white, green, blue, orange, and copper. Once i got to the bottom of the painting however, i decided i didn't want to cover all of the background with these strong colors, in fear that it might make the peice to busy. So i began to paint as if the acrylic was melting.


I used watered down acrylic and mixtures of white to paint the bottom of the peice.  Then as i began to look at the figures i realized it almost looked like they were being tangled up, so i decided to spread out the yearn throughout the entire peice, not just around the figures heads.

To do this i got a Xacto nife, and cut slits around, behind, and inside my figures and weaved the yarn through the slits.  After a few hours of work i was very satisfied with how my peice turned out, however with the addition of the yarn, my figures didn't seem to stand out the way i wanted them too. So i added more detail in the clothes of my figures, and darkened them up.

However after talking to mrs Rossie and mr sands, we concluded that to make the figures really pop, i would have to re paint the background in dark dark dark colors.