Wednesday, December 5, 2012

third day of photoshop

For today I took a drawing i had already had in my email and a photo erin had taken of me a while ago. I put the octopus on my shoulder first, but mr sands really wanted him to be sitting on my head.  I added more to the top of the photo, by using the clone tool to ad more trees. Then i moved the ocotpus to the top of my head and liquified the tenticles to fit the dementions and indentions of my face.  Then after looking at the girl i realized she could sit on my shoulder quite comfertably, so i quickly put her onto my photo and ta da!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

regluar space

second day of photoshop

i made space twinkle.  I first made the background purple and blue then added a gradient of a lighter purple and black.  Then i added a third gradient which adds the yellow and red thing streeking across the sky.  Then i added 3 planets (even though the one at the top is more of a moon). After i darkened around the larger planet to give it more depth.  Then added the different stars and lastly the shooting star. by adjusting the 'outer glow' of the stars i was able to animated it to look like the sky is twinkling. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

For the First Day of Photoshop

I started with a picture of a very hungry man eating lots of donuts, then i took a little heart donut and moved him onto the photo. I first took little pink donuts and made them into sad worried looking eyes. I then took the mouth and made him look really sad, before i put cartoon arms and legs onto the donut.  I colored the arms and legs brown to match the color of the frosting and the chocolate chips.  After i did this Mr. Sands suggested that i make the eyes pop more. so i made them colored and brighter before burning and dodging the parts to make them look really really worried.