Thursday, January 23, 2014

In a (vital and complex) stability.

One night one of my old childhood friends came to visit me, and while we sat on the couch she began to talk about her new life, while I let her words fill up my mind i twirled a string inbetween my fingers, over my palms, and around my wrist.  I liked the way it looked, the yarn tangling up my fingers. I knew i wanted to get out my camera and photograph it. So a few days later i grabbed some old yarn and began to tangle my self in it. The first step was to wrap my left hand in it completely:
this photograph was actually quite difficult to take with one hand and no tripod.  I found a spot next to my window that had the lighting that i wanted then played around with the settings on my camera to get the soft light.  i took several different poses for my tangled hand to be in  :

I decided that the tenser the hand looked, the better.
 the next step i did was to use my right hand to hold the blue string, as it ran off the edge of the shot.  This was the most difficult picture to take, because i had to do it with my left hand.
I had only planned on taking these two pictures, but then i had the idea to tangle it up around my hair and then onto my face.  and 50 shots later, i chose these 2 to add into the project: 

 then after complining them together i came up with this

which im not sure how well you can see that on this website. So i plan on printing out each picture and pasting them onto poster board (or something to that effect)

The idea of wrapping the yarn all around me mimics the idea of skin in a way. Yarn is made for hats, scarfs, sweaters and socks, all things that are another layer of protection and offer us warmth and hold us together. 

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