Monday, April 7, 2014

animals for all

For one of my breaths Mrs rossie told us to do an animal study, so i got out two little canvasas and began painting. I've always loved bears, even though they are quite scary there is something about them that i admire. They are strong and fearless and the just eat and nap lots, so thats good.  I started by painting a brown bear and put mostly black with white highlights for texture. then for the mussel i got a light brown and painted with shorter brush strokes, but still added the white highlights.  It was pretty simple. Then i decided to add in another element, and i sketched a bear paw in the background. I added texture and i shaded lots to add interest. This was a very fun, but simple piece.
 After i finished my bear i still had a mini canvas left over, so I began to paint a fox. Foxes are beautiful creatures and i don't usually paint with orange so i decided a fox would be good for me. I forgot what it was like to paint with only oranges and reds but i enjoyed myself quite a bit.  The white fur under its chin was the tricky part. i put down a white base coat then added gray and black for shading and to make it look softer. Im pretty happy with how that turned out. Then following the same pattern as the bear painting, i wanted to add something to the background, but i wanted to go bigger. I drew the other half of the foxes face looking straight ahead, and looking much more fierce than the painted fox.  this peice was a lot of fun to make and i forgot how much i enjoyed drawing animals.

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