Monday, April 7, 2014

string and other things

My favorite part about getting film developed is getting to see all the pictures that i forgot i had even taken. Among some of these long lost film pictures was one of me holding pieces of different colored broken glass. i looked at the shape of the glass in my hand and the colors reminded me of threads, and the shapes reminded me of the basic geometric shapes. So i grabbed a few threads and began to sew different shapes into the paper and created this:

i was very happy with the simplicity of this, but mrs. rossie told me to push it further and incorperate the hand with the string somehow. So after much thought and lots of practicing i decided i would put string around shapes that were already in the picture, like the glass. I am very happy with the result:

I used colors in the string that mimiced the colors of the glass such as whites, greens and blues.  I am very happy with the movement in this peice, and i like the geometric feel to this. I usually do figures and paint, but i really enjoyed getting to step away from that by using photography and sewing.  

To me this piece shows the evolution of an idea through the eyes of an artist.  You have reality, which is shown through the photograph, a real hand holding real glass in the real world. And then you see how an artists eye will create and add onto the things that already exist, which was shown by the string that is coming out of the glass and floating around the left side of the picture.
This piece looks very simple and feels very blissful and happy. 

So going off of this i decided to make another piece using similar skills. 

I took a blank photograph that said "Always summer" and began to sew bright colored string into the blank picture. Then after i did that i took dried flowers and glued them onto the picture:
After mrs. rossie looked at this peice she told me i needed to incorperate the string into the actual photograph some more. I agreed and went right to work, i added pink string that rapped around the words and cropped the photograph the final result looking like this:

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